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Artistic Embodiment was created by graphic designer, Cory Broussard, to bring your thoughts and ideas to life! Artistic Embodiment’s CEO is the senior graphic designer for a major non-profit entity in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Art is his passion and bringing cutting edge designs to the marketplace is what he does best. For more than 15 years, Cory Broussard has worked behind the scenes creating sought after and award-winning designs.

As an artist, Mr. Broussard’s work has been featured in the White House and various galleries. Not only has he developed a name for himself through his handcrafted woodwork, he has also become known for his award-winning custom acrylic work, catalogues, marketing collateral, bulletins, electronic and mobile marketing materials, logos, newspapers, custom wedding invitations, magazines and more. His work has appeared all over the world including Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa, and Mexico.

Mr. Broussard learned the principles of design from his father—the owner of a flooring company in Louisiana. Since the age of eight, he has been influenced by art and has consistently enhanced his design abilities. From magazine and book layouts, to logos and web art, Mr. Broussard has done it all and continues to offer his clients the best graphic designs.


Look, I ain't in this for your revolution, and I'm not in it for you, Princess.

Mr. Broussard and his team of creative professionals use their creative talents—including marketing, advertising, graphic design, and website design to help you grow your business. They seek to understand your business at a deeper level and use effective communication tools to meet your objectives.

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Look, I ain't in this for your revolution, and I'm not in it for you, Princess.

Graphic Design

We design products that are creatively-inspired, communicate effectively and add value to our client’s products and/or services. We seek to understand our client’s business and their customers, and then design solutions that are appropriate and effective.

We believe that graphic design is more than just “window dressing,” it is getting to the heart and soul of a business or product and then expressing its key messages in the most effective way possible. It’s making your business attractive to your customers so they are drawn to your business rather than being pushed.

In a design conscious world we believe that graphic design is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. In order to compete in a crowded market your business, your product, your service must stand out. We believe that graphic design can add tremendous value to your product or service. And, we are here to help.


We will work with you to create advertising that stands out and motivates customers to action. We employ creative and strategic skills to formulate advertising that is focused on getting the results you desire.

Allowing the account managers or customer service staff from various companies to put together your ads may be “free” but what you are getting is multiple people, across various platforms, projecting completely different messages about your business or product. And with so many involved, it is nearly impossible to get a powerful singular message. In a world where we are bombarded with messages every day, the advertising message that is consistent, clear, and creative is the one that stands out. Be careful of “muddying” your message by taking the cheap option.

Having one creative team (such as Artistic embodiment) working on your advertising will give you more control, consistency and creativity.


We offer website design and web graphic creation services. Not only that, we create the specific design elements that make your website a unique extension of your brand. We create a professional, cutting edge, brand-building online extension of your business.

Don’t trust your web design to just any design firm. Let us help you create the website you’ve always dreamed that you would have. We can handle the creation and complete implementation of your website. We know the importance of creating a unique design, a website that will make your potential and current customers take a second look!


Artistic Embodiment Photography is a Dallas based photography company, which services the surrounding metroplex. We capture intimate and timeless photographs of weddings, expectant mothers (maternity), newborns, babies and toddlers, children, families, and pets etc. We also capture and create fun and unique wall art that tells the story of your special event. We understand how much those special memories mean and we strive to capture intimate moments and make them last forever.






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